QXL is our one-click solution to access all of your data from QuickBooks® or QuickBooks Online® by exporting it directly and painlessly to one or more Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets.

A single click makes it possible to convert any and all data in your QuickBooks company file to Excel spreadsheets or CSV files. Once exported, you can…
  • Create custom reports
  • Organize data in ways not possible in QuickBooks
  • Export customized data tailored to a specific task
  • Include or Exclude exported data as needed
  • Create charts and design new ways to visualize the data
  • Easily share data on a network or cloud-based services like Google Drive®, Microsoft OneDrive® or Dropbox®.
  • Extract data from any QuickBooks company file including hosted QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.
  • Configure and Forget! Once configured, just click to repeat!
  • Exported data is updated with a single click

Free Trial

QXL is simple to use.
  • Start QuickBooks Application login to your company file
  • Starts QXL and click the Export button (Green play icon)
  • Accept the security question/application certificate on QuickBooks (required only once)
  • That’s All.

    List of excel sheets that are created by QXL   You can create beautiful reports from the output.
  • QXL includes 2 Sample reports.
Customers with balance over $1 QXL_Step-10 Unpaid Invoices Over 30 Days. QXL_Step-11