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Free QuickBooks Training

Whether you’re just evaluating or a registered user of QXL, FLEXquarters.com Limited provides the best support possible to help our customers succeed and gain the maximum benefits from our software products.

Free Technical Support

Our Knowledgebase has over 1000 articles covering all facets of our products. Code examples and innumerable invaluable tips can be found here. If a search of our Knowledgebase does not provide the solution you’re looking for enrolling in our free technical forum, post your specific question and one of our technicians will reply to you. 
Also refer:

QXL Desktop Manual
QXL Online Manual

Paid Technical Phone Support

The Free Technical Support Forum and Knowledgebase is always available to get you connected. Support issues specific to your application or requirements are subject to a $75 per incident consulting fee (All major credit cards accepted for payment). A full refund will be provided and there will be no charge for Priority Support if the problem is found to be a fixable bug in the software. Click here for further details.  

Data Layouts

We have provided the following tools to help you determine where field information comes from in QuickBooks, which tables contain the information you want, how tables can be related, and sample SQL statements. To view the raw data tables and field names for QXL, click the below-listed link.